KOHLER creates massive splash with innovative new bathroom products only weeks into 2018!

KOHLER creates massive splash with innovative new bathroom products only weeks into 2018!

Only weeks into 2018 and Kohler has created history at two of the world’s leading trade shows for the bathroom industry.

Kohler at KBIS 2018

The Kohler Co. exhibit shines at KBIS 2018KBIS (Kitchen and Bathroom Industry Show) held in Orlando, Florida is the world’s leading platform for showcasing the latest products, trends and technologies while CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas, Nevada is the global stage for the technology industry drawing more than 184,000 attendees.

Kohler Co. attended both of these vast shows simultaneously and successfully raised the bar in terms of innovation, new products and the exhibit at both events.

Kohler at KBIS 2018

The extended Artifacts range launches at KBIS 2018

KBIS hosts over 600 brands, including 100 new companies and features workshops, networking circles, the integrated Design & Construction Week. New products released at KBIS 2018 included

Kohler at KBIS 2018

New products on display at KBIS


Kohler at KBIS 2018

New floral basins from Kohler

This year, Kohler’s Mark Bickerstaffe spoke to an extended group of designers and architects on 2018 design trends in both product design and the bathrooms of the future.

KBIS was proud to win Gold in the Bathroom category for its Kallista designer collection of bathroom products and Best In Show for Kallista’s breakout Grid tapware design. Grid was inspired by the fundamentals of the De Stijl movement. Kohler worked with a 3D printing specialist to harness the very best in direct metal printing technology in order to create this outstanding design.

Kohler at KBIS 2018

Kohler’s Kallista brand won the Gold Best In Show Award

Kohler at KBIS 2018

The prize winning Kallista Grid tapware

CES is THE global show for the tech industry attracting almost 200,000 attendees. Kohler clearly led the bathroom industry, with CES recognising Kohler’s outstanding and world-leading contribution to bringing technology and voice control to the bathroom in a meaningful way.

Kohler at KBIS 2018

Media and designers alike were excited during the launch of Kohler Konnect

Kohler used the CES industry-specialist stage to launch its voice-enabled Kohler Konnect technology whereby, for the first time, consumers can customise their bathroom experience by simply saying the words!

The technology extends to the shower, bath, toilet, mirror and tap – they are all finally connected. And simply by saying a command such as ‘make-up mode’, ‘pour 500ml’, ‘flush’, ‘sports shower’ the mirror, the tap, the toilet and the shower can be activated. The result is a truly customised bathroom experience that is both hands free and totally relaxing.

Kohler at KBIS 2018

The Kohler Konnect Shower

Run a bath to a preset temperature, turn on the foot warmer on the intelligent toilet, activate presets for sound, water, steam and lighting in the shower – all by voice control.

These incredible products of the future will launch in the US late 2018 … we hope to see them reach our shores soon after. Watch this space!!

The Karbon copy of a cool kitchen

The Karbon copy of a cool kitchen

A mid century modern home, on the edge of the Californian desert, cleverly teamed a retro palette of soft-hued blues, white and pops of red with contemporary fixtures to capture the essence of eye-catching style and functional design.

Tapware_Karbon Kitchen

Karbon Kitchen Desert House

Kohler’s Karbon kitchen mixer, with its nod to industrial design, was the perfect fit. It  delivers a highly efficient kitchen mixer, whose spout can adapt to virtually any shape to accommodate tall vases and large pans, that introduces an ever changing array of visually exciting shapes.

Tapware_Karbon Kitchen Mixer

The iconic Kohler Karbon Kitchen Mixer

Karbon’s design was inspired by lighting and construction equipment (with articulated joints) and enables precision positioning – a definite plus in a busy kitchen. It has a 5 star WELS rating, a deck-mounted joystick for easy grip and precise temperature and flow control, and a choice of two spray options accessed at the touch of a button.

And whatever position the Karbon mixer is left in, it instantly becomes a sculptural art form – it will remain in exactly the position it is left, leaving both hands free for food preparation and cleaning.

Tapware_Karbon Mixers

What could be better than a Karbon Kitchen Mixer? 2 Karbon mixers in the same kitchen!!

Kohler offers a range of kitchen tapware with features such as pull-out spouts and water saving functionality.


‘Centre Stage’ in the kitchen

High technology meets human design

Worldwide research by Kohler into kitchen tapware has shown key features, desired by consumers from the UK to Russia and the US to Australia, are a swivel head, long reach spout and eye catching aesthetics.

Kitchen mixer taps, says Kohler, have achieved new status in the appliance pecking order. They are expected to have extensive functionality – a drenching but low volume spray for cleaning fruit and vegetables; a forceful flow for washing greasy pots and pans; and a long reach spout for filling tall vases and buckets. In addition they must excel in water conservation while exhibiting stand-out good looks as they take centre stage in the busiest room in the house.

A prime example of these expectations is the Karbon by Kohler.

The 5 star WELS rated Karbon mixer features a sleek, deck-mounted joystick for easy grip and precise temperature and flow control; a choice of forceful spray and laminar water flow options accessed at the touch of a button; and four slender, tubular sections joined by industrial-design articulated joints so the tap can literally be positioned exactly where it is needed and then left there.

The versatility and reach of the tap is ideal for filling tall vases and pots, for food preparation and for all cleaning and rinsing tasks.

Whatever position the Karbon mixer tap is left in instantly becomes a sculptural artform – it will remain in exactly the position it is left, leaving both hands free for food preparation and cleaning.

Each of the articulating joints has been engineered to ensure exceptionally smooth and effortless handling and positioning.

When choosing a kitchen tap always select one with a tarnish and corrosion resistant finish for longevity and durability.

Design is in the detail with killer kitchen tapware

Design is in the detail with killer kitchen tapware

Our guest blogger, Kelly Gammie of Eucalyptus Design talks about incorporating killer kitchen tapware into those highly trafficked, functional areas of the house …

Design is definitely in the detail when creating functional areas; kitchens, laundries and butler’s pantries are now aesthetically important to the modern home.

Luxurious materials including marble, stone and beautiful tiles are being utilised by designers to create texture and opulence in these once purely utilitarian spaces.

Kohler Kitchen with Karbon Mixer

Kohler Kitchen featuring Karbon Kitchen Mixer

Timber used in a modern sleek application has been seen in kitchens for some time and is now spilling over into laundries as well.

Evoke Kitchen Mixer in Laundry

Kohler's Evoke Kitchen Mixer popular for laundries

Elegant tapware is an essential element to any of theses areas and is often the centrepiece.

Kohler’s Karbon mixer is undoubtedly the most impressive kitchen mixer out there. When I wish to create some wow factor it is the first mixer I consider. It especially appeals to men with its carbon fibre finish and its edgy sculptural form. Its the perfect way to get the man of the house interested in the kitchen’s design!

Karbon Kitchen Mixer

Statement piece - Karbon Articulating Kitchen Mixer

The Evoke* from Kohler is another refreshing alternative to the commonly used goose-neck mixer which is multi-purpose tap, it can be used in the main kitchen, butler’s pantry and even the laundry.

Kohler Evoke Kitchen Mixer

Evoke kitchen mixer delivers a steamlined appeal

The high spout rotates 360 degrees for full clearance and coverage offering flexibility for a variety of tasks. And the pull out spray is a fantastic feature for washing large vases (and other items, such as football boots!) in the laundry sink.

Evoke Kitchen Mixer (laundry)

Multitasking - Kohler Evoke Kitchen Mixer used in laundry

Every area of the modern home is being carefully considered by designers and architects today. They are no longer areas that are kept secretly behind closed doors.

By using beautiful tapware and stunning natural materials, even the humble laundry or butler’s pantry can be a place to showcase statement pieces as part of the overall design.

*Evoke Kitchen Mixer is not currently available in Australia.

A Karbon copy of the perfect tap

A Karbon copy of the perfect tap

We’ve looked at the wish lists of consumers buying kitchen taps across the globe – from the UK to Russia, the US to Australia and New Zealand, and they are remarkably similar!  The perfect kitchen tap must have a swivel head, long reach spout with spray feature and stand-out good looks.

Taps - Karbon mixer tap

Karbon kitchen mixer tap

The kitchen mixer tap has achieved new status in the appliance pecking order – while it is expected to have extensive functionality (from cleaning produce and washing greasy pots to filling tall vases and large buckets) it is often relied on to create an aesthetic focal point within the room.  All that AND excel in water conservation!

The solution?  Kohler’s revolutionary articulated Karbon mixer tap, inspired by lighting and construction equipment, ticks all the boxes.

Its articulated joints enable precision positioning; a sleek, deck-mounted joystick ensures easy grip and precise temperature and flow control; a choice of forceful spray and laminar water flow options are accessed at the touch of a button; and it can be positioned exactly where it is needed, where it can remain becoming the focal point of the kitchen.  AND it has a 5 star WELS rating!

Watch this video to see the versatility of the Karbon kitchen mixer

Kohler on International Design Stage

Kohler on International Design Stage

Kohler had a huge presence at the recent Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Chicago, USA.

This annual, three day show comprises all the very latest designs in every aspect of kitchen and bathroom products.

Bathroom products - KBIS

Kohler created a lot of ‘noise’ with the launch of its VibrAcoustic technology – an amazing process whereby bathers can hook up their smart phone or MP3 to the bath and stream personalized music that is audible above and BELOW the waterline!  Bathers can actually feel the music resonate through their body while relaxing in the bath!

Bathroom Sinks - KBIS

Bathroom products - KBIS

David Kohler, President and Chief Operating Officer for Kohler Co. introduces the innovative VibrAcoustic bath technology

Bathroom products - KBIS

Flash mob dance performance to celebrate Kohler's music-playing VibrAcoustic baths

To view the flash mob performance, watch this video

Other newsworthy displays by Kohler and Kohler company brands included the high-tech Numi toilet, a petrified wood tile collection from Ann Sacks, stone vessel basins for Kallista by Michael S Smith, the beautiful organic shapes of the freestanding Lithocast collection of baths and an elegant cast-iron freestanding bath that is the final piece in the coveted Reve collection of basins and toilets.  There was also the re-emergence of bronze as a must-have finish in tapware.  Look out for the Reve cast iron bath in coming months – it is launching here in September!

Modern Toilets - KBIS

Stone vessels basin

Bathroom products - KBIS
Bathroom products - KBIS
Bathroom products - KBIS
Reve Cast Iron and Lithocast Freestanding Baths

Reve Cast Iron Bath and Lithocast Freestanding Baths

And on other international news, Kohler made quite a splash with its colourful pop-up display – housed in a transformed shipping container – at the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) 2012 at New York City, USA.

Kohler used this event to unveil its KOHLER Colors Featuring Jonathan Adler – a collection of kitchen and bathroom sinks and basins in four new, saturated hues – Navy, Greenwich Green, Piccadilly Yellow and Palermo Blue.

Bathroom sinks - ICFF