New Composed tapware – a masterpiece of modern water movement

New Composed tapware – a masterpiece of modern water movement


Not often can a bathroom tap be described as a piece of art, but on this occasion – the launch of the Composed basin mixer – its embodiment of balance and perfect proportions certainly warrants the accolade!

Composed tapware

New Composed Basin Mixer with its clean, angular lines.

Using the teachings of Rowena Reed Kostellow, US sculptor, designer and renowned educator, as its inspiration the Kohler design team eliminated all unnecessary details to create a beautifully simple tap with perfect proportions and exceptional ease of control over water flow and temperature adjustment.

Composed tapware

Composed Basin Mixers with Forefront Countertop Basins

“We wanted to elicit an emotional response from all who use Composed – and with its stark beauty and truly refined lines we think we have achieved that,” said Mark Bickerstaffe, Kohler’s Director of New Product Development.

The Composed tapware collection – which has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award – features a single lever basin mixer, in both regular and Super Tall, plus a three-piece basin set with the choice of either lever or cross handles.  Shower/bath mixers, with and without diverter, plus 3-piece bath sets with matching lever or cross handles completes the range.

Composed tapware

Composed Super Tall Basin Mixer – perfect for countertop vessels

Composed tapware

Composed Basin Set with lever handles. Also available as a Bath Set.

Composed tapware

Composed Basin Set with cross handles. Also available as a Bath Set.

The hero single lever basin mixer is truly timeless in its design – its geometric shape, with long spout and side-mounted control create visual balance and true refinement.  Its polished chrome finish has the acclaimed Kohler resistance to tarnishing and corrosion.

Composed tapware

The Composed Basin Mixer side profile with sleek, cylindrical barrel handle.

The Kohler Composed basin mixer has a 5 Star WELS rating using six litres of water a minute.

NOTE: Not available from all Kohler resellers – check with your local showroom for availability.

Greenery – the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year – comes to the bathroom!

Kohler and Greenery

Greenery, the fresh, zesty yellow-green that is Pantone Colour of the Year 2017 is set to star in fashion, beauty and lifestyle design applications – and most definitely the bathroom!

Greenery in the bathroom - Kallos basin_Stillness hob mount basin set

Greenery in the bathroom. Stillness Hob Mount Basin Set with the Kallos Undercounter Basin,

A colour that is so closely aligned to nature and its ability to revive and restore, renew and revitalise Greenery is a natural choice for bathrooms and one that will team effortlessly with many colour combinations, and countless finishes.

Kohler’s Toobi collection of tapware is a clever way of introducing this beautiful hue to the bathroom – along with towels, soaps and lush, verdant foliage of course.

Tapware - Toobi Tall Basin Mixer with Chalice Basin

The Toobi Tall Basin Mixer features with the Chalice Basin.

Toobi Basin Mixer tapware

While the inspiration for this modernist tapware collection was the original, freeform delivery of water – a bamboo pipe – the final execution is unashamedly contemporary, with a lush green pop of colour at its spout! The result is a tumbling, free flow of water in all its natural beauty – and a hit of the soon to be must-have green as the water leaves the spout, in the form of a small, interchangeable insert fitted inside the spout.

Tapware - Toobi Basin Mixer

The Toobi Basin Mixer features an interchangeable spout insert. Choose from Green, White or Black.

Tapware - Toobi Tall Basin Mixer

The Toobi Tall Basin Mixer


Tapware - Toobi Tall Basin Mixer

A touch of ‘greenery’ – the Toobi Basin Mixer spout insert.

The Toobi collection comprises a range of 5 star WELS rated basin and tall basin mixers, bath and shower mixers with and without diverter – and accessories.

Double robe hook, double and single towel bar, hotelier shelf and toilet tissue holder are all included in the accessories range with each piece featuring the same tubular styling as the tapware. Very smart!

Very 2017!


Kohler features in Interiors Addict bathroom renovation!

Founder and editor of Australia’s most popular interiors blog – INTERIORS ADDICT – Jen Bishop has just completed her own renovation on her recently acquired apartment.

The bathroom and powder room, which was in much need of a makeover, has been transformed with white subway tiles, beautiful beveled pennyrounds, and some very stylish Kohler product including bath, toilet, basin, tapware and accessories!

Kohler and Interiors Addict

Jen Bishop’s powder room and bathroom features some great Kohler product!   Photos courtesy of Jacqui Turk

Jen states that, as a Pom and seven-baths-a-week kinda girl, a large tub was a non-negotiable part of the reno. Hence her bath of choice was the Kohler Evok 1800mm drop-in oval bath, paired with July bath tapware. This is teamed with a Forefront Square basin and matching July basin tapware.

Kohler and Interiors Addict

Jen chose an Evok Drop In Bath for her bathroom, along with July bath tapware.
Photos courtesy of Jacqui Turk

Interiors Addict and Kohler

Tapware featured is the July bath mixer and July bath spout.
Photos courtesy of Jacqui Turk

Kohler and Interiors AddictJen has created a light and airy bathroom featuring Kohler product.  Photos courtesy of Jacqui Turk

Accessories are an important part of the mix – towel bars, robe hooks, toilet tissue holder are all from Kohler’s Singulier collection.

The powder room features the sleek Escale Back-To-Wall suite.

Kohler and Interiors Addict

The powder room includes the Kohler Escale Back To Wall toilet suite and Singulier accessories.
Photos courtesy of Jacqui Turk

Jen has cleverly introduced lots of texture and visual interest to her beautiful new all white bathroom with the much-loved
bevelled pennyrounds and custom-made timber vanities with the most striking grain.

Kohler and Interiors Addict

The custom made vanities are stunning and pair well with the Forefront Square basin and July Basin Mixer.
Photos courtesy of Jacqui Turk

Kohler and Interiors Addict

The basin mixer selected is the July Tall Basin Mixer.
Photos courtesy of Jacqui Turk

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Photography is by Jacqui Turk.

World Toilet Day – An interview with Jack Sim AKA Mr Toilet

World Toilet Day – An interview with Jack Sim AKA Mr Toilet

Recently we met up with Jack Sim aka Mr. Toilet, founder of the World Toilet Organization. Jack was kind enough to share with us what he is up to these days – and ohhh boy, is he a very busy man!


His reach and interests are far beyond saving the world with toilets, but to help eradicate poverty. So, we are doubly grateful for this interesting and inspiring interview. Thank you, Jack.

Let’s get started with some toilet-related questions:

Could you talk about the symbiotic relationship between toilets and men?

Eat, drink, poo, and pee – Natural as can be.

In 2013, the UN General Assembly declared November 19 as the World Toilet Day. Last Saturday it was celebrated in 193 countries. Have you ever imagined such a coverage when you started your quest for it?

No. I just wanted to do something to break the taboo on sanitation, toilet and shit because what we don’t discuss, we can’t improve.

Your work and efforts resulted in an award for Goal 6 of Clean Water you received in July 2016 from NOVUS while visiting the United Nations General Assembly in New York. What were your impressions?

We do not do our work to win awards but awards can help us do our work especially by bringing legitimacy to new communities of partners and supporters.

Watch Jack’s acceptance speech at the NOVUS Award Ceremony:

In 2014, you founded the World Toilet College (WTC) in India. How is this project coming along?

We started with the first World Toilet College in Rishikesh. Now starting the next two in Bangalore and Pune. Will also continue to grow it in Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere.

Indian Toilet

Find out more about Kohler’s involvement with the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.

How many students have graduated? How long is the program?

These are short courses. Not significant yet but the numbers are growing.

Any plans to bring this idea to other parts of the world?

WTC can go everywhere. Just let us know where there are local entities to absorb it and we can talk.

How do you change the mind-set from investments in – for example – mobile phones, to improved sanitation?

We’ve a unique blend of humor and serious facts. We call a spade a spade. We made toilets sexy and politicians started to use it as a vote-winner after a while. Recently Premier Minister Modi [in India] won a landslide victory promising everyone a toilet. He’s building 110 million toilets now.

In August 2016, you attended Singularity University (SU) in Silicon Valley, USA. Singularity University is a global community who empowers leaders to address huge humanitarian challenges through technology. What was your initial project idea to help more than one billion people?

I went to SU to discover how technology can help facilitate the efficiency of the Base of Pyramid (BOP) marketplace. I discovered plenty of them. Now I need to mobilise resources to install them into BOP HUB. Not easy task as these require very deep investments. Still work in progress. The good thing is now I’m connected with the Singularity University fraternity and extended family. They’ve also asked me to come back to teach next year. So that’s good too.

What is the actual project that you are working on? And with whom? What is the progress since August? Why is it important to have “doctors in the bathrooms”? How can the individual costs (currently USD 6,100) for such technology be brought down?

My class project was a Toilet that can diagnose colon cancer. Our team has since formed a company in USA and research in on-going. See more details in the Singapore Straits Time – here.

Kohler is also working on bringing more technology into the bathroom and on increasing the user experience in the bathroom. We will certainly be watching this space and updating it with more news.

World Toilet Organisation

Let’s shift gears a little bit. Your focus is much wider than toilets. You are the founder of the BOP Foundation which started in 2011, to design businesses to end poverty. What are some milestones that you achieved since the beginning?

This one is even more difficult than toilets because it encompasses all development sectors from water to sanitation to education, housing, health, energy, livelihood, nutrition, finance, logistics, home appliances, entertainment etc. I did three BOP World Conventions to test the market and now constructing a 65,000 sq ft BOP Design Center in Singapore to become the de facto World Trade Center for the Poor in Singapore. This USD 10 million building will complete in July 2017 and it’ll be opened 24/7/365 to facilitate all time-zones and geographies to coordinate collaboration across the globe to design business solutions to end poverty completely.


How is the social development sector fragmented?

The social development sector is fragmented and inefficient because it was designed as an unsustainable charity model that will stop once the money stops feeding it. Donors funding also divide stakeholders, making them compete for money instead of collaborating. In the end, NGOs end up serving the donors instead of the poor.

And why is it necessary to facilitate and coordinate collaboration?
3+3+3= 9
We need the multiplier of synergies and not the zero sum game.

The third BOP Convention took place in Singapore in September 2016. What where the highlights of the three-day conference? At the convention you spoke about “how to end poverty exponentially.” Could you elaborate on this?

Our former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong came to open the event. He told me: “BOP is serious business. You’ve got to try to make it profitable for the businesses and they’ll invest.” He’s been the genesis of me to startup Restroom Association and World Toilet Organisation and now I’ll also work hard to make BOP HUB a success to alleviating global poverty.
Very big task, but very fulfilling spiritually.

World Toilet Organisation - BOP Hub

In 2017, you will open the BOP Design Center in Singapore. You call it an “accelerator center” not an “innovation center”. What is the main purpose?

All solutions for ending poverty already exist. What’s needed is to accelerate them in a scalable and integrated system so that everyone inside this ecosystem will enjoy faster, better, cheaper and easier speed than working in silos. This way we can change the global modus operandi of everyone from silos to ecosystems.

We started a Fortified Rice company called 45Rice which just got funded USD 1 million. We’re next starting a water filter company in India. And a Procurement company soon too. We welcome everyone to come and be tenants at BOP Design Center. It’ll be the most powerful hub with its pure focus on using business to end poverty. It’ll also be profitable so that it’ll be self-sustainable and grow to other locations on the globe.

What are the challenges and opportunities that you faced in relation to this project?

The challenge is to get everyone to trust one another. Currently they don’t. So as an honest broker I think I can design the incentives for everyone to want to work together because you not competitive anymore if we have an ecosystem and you are still working alone.

In May, you attended the Social Enterprise Boat Camp organized by ARCA. What take-aways did you have from this 4 day trip from Italy to Spain?

The Boat Camp was a great experience. But I think the important thing is how to follow-up after the meeting. There were some great ideas to set up collaboration between participants to build an ecosystem but I did not hear any follow up action yet.

If you have any free time, what do you enjoy doing?
I’m addicted to creating new crazy ideas, design and irreverent things naughty boys love to do.
I’ve a few hobbies now like disrupting the current educational model from rote learning to a School of Gumption.
We just started a 100 Voices group to get all parents, teachers, students, employers, entrepreneurs, and the Ministry of Education to dialogue on the future needs and create demand driven education that is fun. We’ll be doing Forum Theater early next year for this movement. And a book is now on the way. I don’t want to grow up. Adults are deteriorated children. It’s better to be a child-like person no matter how old you are. After all, I’m only 59.

How do you know how to create bronze sculptures?
Making sculptures are easy. Just draw it and send the drawings to the workshop and they’ll make it. I’ve made movies before and hope to make a Bollywood one. Written the story but haven’t found the funding and producer yet.

What do you cry about in the shower?
Life is beautiful and full every day. No need to cry. I’ve a wonderful family and my beautiful wife loves and forgives me for who I am. I just want to live out the remaining 7,400 days till 80 and die happy knowing I tried my best to make it useful.

Jack Sim - World Toilet Organisation

Jack Sim, founder of the World Toilet Organisation

Again, Jack, thank you so much for sharing all this information with us. We could certainly continue this conversation for a long time – there are so many more questions to ask. We hope to check in with you again next year.

AVID – a passion for simple, graceful bathroom tapware

AVID – a passion for simple, graceful bathroom tapware

A simple, graceful bathing space – a retreat from the modern world – is at the heart of a new tapware design called AVID that has won the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award (2015).

Avid tapware

The Sensuous Side of Simple … KOHLER’s new Avid tapware range.

Avid, by Kohler, delivers sensuous simplicity to everyday bathroom tapware – and transforms it into a purposeful exercise in purity of form. The Avid tap is an inspired concept. Reminiscent of liquid metal its gentle, fluid form rises from the benchtop and is stretched to a slender, tapered spout. The lever control is an extension of the body of the tap – no harsh edges, sharp angles or unnecessary embellishment.

Avid wall mount basin set

The Avid two-piece wall mount basin set.

The collection of Avid bathroom tapware includes Standard, Tall and Super Tall basin mixers as well as a three-piece widespread model, a wall mount basin mixer and shower mixers. The basin tapware has a 5 star WELS rating, using six litres of water a minute.

Avid Tapware

The Avid single lever basin mixer range includes Standard, Tall and Super Tall.

Kohler has a reputation for durability and longevity – as with all other tapware its Avid model is finished in a corrosion and tarnish-resistant polished chrome and superior ceramic disc technology.

The basin mixers also feature an integrated aerator with angle adjustment to ensure optimum performance for all installations.

Avid tapware

Simple flow is all part of the Avid tapware design intent.

A full range of matching accessories will be released shortly.

Available on order. Contact a showroom near you for more details.

Interested in hearing more about Avid’s design? See below the video of KOHLER’s Director of New Product Development talking about the design imperative set for Avid.

Scandinavian bathroom design featuring Kohler…

Inspired by the organic minimalism of Scandinavian design, this bathroom design featuring Kohler products showcases a modern aesthetic with an eye toward the natural world. Bathroom fixtures featured include the Kallos Spun Glass Basin – a beautifully crafted, multi-faceted under bench basin design and the Stillness hob mounted basin set. The unique texture of the Nature’s Chemistry Kallos spun glass basins is the perfect complement to the sleek, hard marble surface, while the Stillness’ high-arch spout and ergonomic lever handles adds to the understated design, creating a calm, minimalist style for modern bathrooms and spa environments.

Suite - Kallos basin_Stillness hob mount basin set

The Stillness Basin Set over the Kallos Spun Glass undermount basin.

With a slim profile and tubular design, this tapware design mirrors the round shape of the basin, while the reflective facets of cut glass make this undercounter basin shine like a jewel.

The bathroom design is carried into the master bedroom’s adjacent sitting area, bringing a cohesiveness to the entire master suite. The Kallos basin’s faceted glass reflects the room’s moody depth.

Suite - Kallos basin_Stillness hob mount basin set

View through to the bathroom from the living space continues the ‘Nordic Light’ scandi theme.

Simply designed organic accent pieces reinforce the room’s Scandinavian style such as the uniquely hung pendant lights which provide an interesting contrast to a sleek, simple mirror.

Suite - Kallos basin_Stillness hob mount basin set

Pendant lamps paired with the framed mirror sets the scene for activities at the vanity.



True Scandi-style accessories set the perfect scene.


Custom photo-realistic wallpaper draws on nature-inspired elements of Scandinavian design and brings the outdoors in.

Bathroom suite - Nordic Light design

The incredible, almost life-like, wallpaper draws the outside in.

A toilet such as this Grande Rimless Back To Wall Toilet Suite with clean, organic design lines that is super easy to keep clean, pairs easily with the tapware, basin and simple Shaker-style vanity


Suite design - Nordic Light

The organic rimless Grande Back To Wall Toilet Suite with straight lines is the finishing touch in this sleek, streamlined bathroom.